L. A. Nolan

An NYC philomath with a thing for photography, music production and bonsai. Whiskey too! Never forget whiskey...

Street Photography

After finishing grad school, I decided to purchase myself a new camera as a reward for a job well done. I knew nothing about the Street Photography genre at the time, but it quickly became my newest labor of love! Years later and I am still hitting the streets, Fujifilm camera strapped around my neck. Check out my gallery on 500px to see some of my work!


A colleague and I created a service called Dual Envy in which we simultaneously capture portraits of our subjects during each photo shoot. He focuses on the close-up beauty shots, while I stand back and capture the documentary style candids.

Music Production

I've been involved in music since the age of 9 when I learned to play trumpet. That passion evolved into composing, beat making, and engineering. Since then, I've gone on tours with various bands and have produced hundreds of hip hop instrumentals. Check out my SoundCloud page to hear some of my creations!

Project Management

I started my professional career as techie, designing and coding websites. But once NYU granted me with my Master's degree in Management of Technology, I began work as a Digital Project Manager. I've since picked up a couple project management certificates too - Prince2 (waterfall) and Certified Scrum Master (agile). With my business Lion Sage Lab, I do freelance consulting work in mobile and web. Gotta pay the bills, right?


One day maybe I'll create a website or Youtube channel dedicated to my love of Bonsai - the Japanese art of creating miniature representations of beautifully beat-up old trees. But for now, I am just enjoying practicing and learning about this hobby! And trying NOT to kill so many trees along the way. Wabi-sabi.